Why we are different from others?

DogExpression has never been intimidated of breaking the rules from the traditional model business that many photographers over impose on their clientele, primarily the retention of your photographs and copyright. Sure, most photographers will release the images for an extra fee or if you buy some collections or album from them, but we have always been convinced of that is totally erroneous. The principal reason photographers retain Copyright is so they can profit from selling your images back to you and your guests, even though you have paid them to capture the photographs. This conventional business model that we don't believe in and so we are changing the way we do business to keep it as simple as possible.




Do you feel that your pet is a home lover? That's not a problem for us. I will bring all my equipment directly to you...



The on-location session is set within a scenic landscape location. This session is often best with dogs as they  show the personality the best...
Ready to book a Group photo session?

Have friends, co-workers or relatives that love their pets just like you?
The birthday of your puppy is approaching? 
DogExpression offers the perfect session for those who want to share an excellent moment accompanied by a professional photo session that will last forever in the memory of all.



 As all we know your pet is part of your family and they are in our lives for only a short while, but they take up such a unique place in our hearts. They are our companion, whatever happens and they deserve to be immortalized in professional portraits that show off their beauty, character and personality. You won’t regret having something to look upon your time together and remind you of the love you shared. We believe that everyone should have more than just snapshots of their beloved pet.

What they're saying...

Book the Perfect Session for your Dog

They run, walk, play, explore, smell, meow, bark, eat, sleep, have fun and accompany us every day. They are a very important part of our lives. I wish they could always accompany us, but their adventure with us lasts a short time. What are you waiting for? We create some beautiful photos and give you a smile with the best memories of your friend.

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